I Dream of Reality: Part II

The magical night

A brightly lit dining room

Our families meet for the first time

Breaking bread

Sharing laughter, ideas, joy, grievances, concerns, anger, tears, smiles, each other

Aesthetically pleasing consonance

The ambiance of human interaction

Gives my life meaning

Loneliness never again

There are meaningful days ahead

We are in my room

Duelists dancing together

What are we doing?

I truly have no idea

Again the ambiance

The smell of reciprocation and mutuality

Black Ice, Hibiscus blossom and Aloe scent

The moments are ecstasy.  The moments are bliss.  The moments are the essence of all humanity

Ever wants and needs

It does not matter what we are doing

Now we leave my room

Retrieve our coats from our dining chairs

And step out into the wintry night

I try to take her hand

So we may walk together

She refuses it, runs slightly ahead

All the while whispering something indecipherable

Then she cries out, “This won’t work.”

I’m confused

Afraid, Did I do something wrong?

Instinctively, my first supposition

I have to shout across the snowy white landscape

“Why won’t it work?  We love each other.  Our families are finally together.”

She’s crying now

She sits on the neighbor’s stoop

I’m so afraid

So afraid of losing her

Loss is something I’m familiar with

In some manner, we are all familiar with

I can not live if I lose her

I sit down next to her

Vigorously but gently embrace her

Black ice, Hibiscus blossom and aloe

Scents will not be my memory

They will be a complement to her presence

She returns my embrace

Her simple aliveness is infectious

We are being persons

We rely on the fact that we are

And that something new will form

If only she has the courage to let go and I to respond

She lets go

Something is troubling her

She perceives some difference

That can not be rectified

She tells me about it

I respond

I exhibit empathy

I share her concern

I let her know that it is something we will share

That she will not have to go it alone

I reassure her

That no superficial problem

Can come between two agents bound by love

This is our common condition

The way in which we thrive

Never is it not enough to overcome

Now we sit in silence

Still in passionate embrace

Engrossment, Motivational displacement, reciprocity

Together we stare into the moonlight

In mutual awe, wonder, and joy

Of what we have engendered

Into our world

The world of humanity