Decolonization & Privilege Politics

Decolonization is not a metaphor, not a rhetorical tactic, as much as many leftists like to use it as such…i.e. when referring to decolonizing the mind….i.e. a fancy way of saying own your white privilege….i.e. a method of self-congratulation and mental self-flagellation that does not actually lead and may actually detract (I would argue it does) from confronting structural racism.


Blackface And the Irrationality of Rationalization Within Systems of Racial Oppression

This post is my commentary on some of the comments to this post entitled Blackface and Bloodstains which I reblogged at  The original post is located here

No, some white people, you are not, never have been, and never will be victims of Black oppression in this country.
No, some white people, some of you still do not fully understand the nature of the oppressor/ oppressed relationship.  Evidence?  You read James Baldwin, and you feel insulted.  Evidence?  You didn’t really read and think about the implications and assumptions embedded in your comments to this post before writing them  Why don’t you read James Baldwin and actually THINK about what he’s saying?  Why don’t you read James Baldwin and try as hard as you can to put yourself in the shoes of James Baldwin?  Because if you haven’t, you haven’t really read James Baldwin.  Why don’t you read over your comments to this post and really THINK about the implications and assumptions of your comments?  Or perhaps I’ll do it, since there is very little chance you will.

Let’s start with this one.
1) “I don’t normally reply to these articles, but I have to speak up.
Just because an outfit is in poor taste, doesn’t mean that they can’t wear it. Flip the roles if you will. Are you offended when a minority dresses as Hitler? or George Bush? By the rationale you propose “Western-Europeans” should be. Your article is at the very heart is racist and segregationist at the same time. The fact that people feel more comfortable today expressing themselves across cultures and ethnicity is the true statement of their lack of racism and their willingness to express themselves as they see fit.
You have a right to be offended, true. But I still have a right to express myself.
Also, if you look at the actual history of Halloween you will see that it is all about ACTUAL dead people. Get your facts straight please. Stop perpetuating your racism and let human nature and humor live on.” Continue reading