Politics and Dialogue in Education, Students As Researchers, And Do Any of Us Have A Right To Our Opinions?

Absolutely Not!!  And in one sentence here’s why,

Whenever people use this phrase, it is usually to say that they have a right to have their opinion considered as truth, even if their argument is logically demonstrated to have serious holes in it.  You see the problem here???

Now I understand the assertion I have made here may irk most people because most tend to get very defensive when it comes to arguing for the sanctity of their opinions.  Nonetheless the forthcoming explanation of my answer to this question is not meant to satisfy raw emotions.  It is an appeal to logic…nothing more, nothing less.   Continue reading


The Willingness To Express Insecurity

I wrote this after watching Finding Forrester.  I tried to follow William Forrester’s advice, and just write my first draft with my heart.  I don’t think I have ever written over 1,000 words this quickly.  Sorry William, but my head sees no need for a second draft.  That’s what my heart said.

Too often, because of our insecurities, we perceive conflict where there is none.  That is how conflict arises.  Sometimes I wonder, how willing will a stranger be to open up to me.  Why am I so afraid of being turned down?  Am I as afraid of being turned down as I am of turning someone down?  Perhaps not equally afraid, but I am certainly afraid of both dearly.  Continue reading

My Analysis of Dead Poet’s Society

Better late than never.  I blame myself for never watching it before an educational psych class senior year of college.  This was a truly inspiring movie!

There was a clear clash between the traditional and conservative values espoused by Welton Academy as an institution, and the progressive teaching methods of John Keating.  Welton Academy’s ethos of “tradition, honor, discipline, and excellence not only discourages but makes it a crime for a student to exercise a critical political consciousness. Continue reading

What Has A College Education Meant To Me?

Just One More Semester Till I Get That Damn Piece Of

I just got done listening to the podcast of Freakonomics Goes to College on WNYC.  In the second part of the show, Steven Levitt, American economist, William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at The University of Chicago, and co-founder of the Freakonomics blog, makes a profound statement with which I think every current and former college student could easily identify. Continue reading

Richard Murdoch’s Rape Comment: Perception Becomes Reality

What Richard Murdoch said about rape: “I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen,”

This needs to be put in some context and not be subject to the partisan nuttiness that it has already been subjected too. Murdoch did not say that God intends rape to happen. What Murdoch said is that life when it is formed, no matter how it is formed…..is a gift of God. Continue reading

Interning On the Campaign Trail: Advertising vs. Policy

So I recently started interning for NJ Congressman Bill Pascrell’s re-election campaign, and up to this point I’ve got mixed feelings.  What really saddens me is how the campaign is orchestrated like a popularity contest.  I mean the organizers tell me that the campaign is on a tight budget and that something like $2.4 million was spent on the primary, yet what are they spending money on now:  Pens, banners, lawn signs, stickers, pins, buttons, posters, flyers, and a ton of cell phones to be used for phone banking. Continue reading

Wordpress Should NOT Have “Freshly Pressed”

I am sure that every wordpress blogger would agree that blogging is NOT a competition.  We do not blog to compete with one another.  We blog to express our ideas, hopes, dreams, aspirations, opinions, shortcomings, and accomplishments.  We blog in order to share, in order to find common ground, in order to enlighten and be enlightened ourselves.  But apparently wordpress does not see it that way.  I fail to see how the inclusion of the “freshly pressed section” into its blogging service can be interpreted as anything but a blatant presumption that we bloggers have the desire to compete with each other. Continue reading