The False Binary of Hanlon’s Razor And The Oppressed/Oppressor Relationship

Hanlon’s Razor says that we should never attribute to malice that can which be adequately explained by stupidity.  I believe Hanlon’s Razor presents a false binary, one which suggests that if a person or group of people is acting ignorantly, he or she can not be acting malevolently. Continue reading


Class, Just Call Me Ephraim: A Word On Authority

I have made the decision that once I become a teacher I will introduce myself to my students by my full name, Ephraim Hussain.  Consequently, they will have the option of either calling me Ephraim or Mr. Hussain.  My feeling is that they will opt for the former, and that is indeed my intent by opting not to impose the conventional “Mr.” title.  Now this may seem like a relatively minor aspect of my future teaching practice, and indeed one might view my concern with the matter of how students are to address the teacher as completely inconsequential and silly.  Here is why I would strongly disagree with that sentiment. Continue reading