Postformal Psychology and Critical Thinking: The Finale

This is the third and final installment of my series of blog posts on postformal psychology and critical thinking.  The first one was entitled “Sick and Tired of Your College Professor Lecturing at you everyday? Postformal Psychology May Just Be the Answer To Your Woes.”  The second one was very plainly entitled “Postformal Psychology Continued.”    

Etymology refers to the origin of culturally validated knowledge.  Where does it come from?  How is it formed?  How does it come to be commonly accepted as truth?  In the beginning of the movie, Eva has a tense exchange with Hilary Swank in which she reveals her deep hatred for white people. Continue reading


Sick and Tired of Your College Professor Lecturing at you everyday? Postformal Psychology May Just Be the Answer To Your Woes

Today I gave a presentation on postformal psychology and critical thinking for my educational psychology course.  It was a long presentation, nearly 30 minutes, but even though the recommended time was 10-15 min, I didn’t make it so long for the grade.  As you can expect , most of the people in the class are prospective teachers and I felt that it was critically important to get the message of postformal psychology out there to get us teacher ed. students to really think about how our own educational experiences will influence our future practice.  Postformal psychology is obviously much more extensive that what I present here, and I encourage all to go out and do further research on this amazing and awe-inspiring topic. Continue reading

Stop Curving! Stop Lecturing! Stop Grading! Start Teaching So We Can Start Learning!

Two weeks ago my genetics class received the results of our second test.  The class average was a 48, and to my amazement, our professor, whom I will refer to as Dr. James decided to curve the test by 29 points, consequently raising the class average to a low C.  In response to what I consider to be “the easy way out” and a great dereliction of duty by a professional educator, I sent him the following e-mail, Continue reading

The Willingness To Express Insecurity

I wrote this after watching Finding Forrester.  I tried to follow William Forrester’s advice, and just write my first draft with my heart.  I don’t think I have ever written over 1,000 words this quickly.  Sorry William, but my head sees no need for a second draft.  That’s what my heart said.

Too often, because of our insecurities, we perceive conflict where there is none.  That is how conflict arises.  Sometimes I wonder, how willing will a stranger be to open up to me.  Why am I so afraid of being turned down?  Am I as afraid of being turned down as I am of turning someone down?  Perhaps not equally afraid, but I am certainly afraid of both dearly.  Continue reading

Become A Citizen Co-Sponsor of the American Anti-Corruption Act


Freshmen Awaiting Their Imminent Corruption

So here’s the story. The 2012 election cycle was the most corrupt in our nation’s history. The voice of the people, the voice of the 99% continues to be drowned out by overwhelming influence of the big, tainted money of the 1% special interest “funders”. Who represents these “funders” in Washington? Who holds the purse strings of our Congressmen and Senators? That would be the lobbyists who spend their days wining and dining and bothering our legislators so that their interests come before those of the people. These lobbyists prevent any semblance of a real and serious discussion on a whole number of issues ranging from gun control to educational reform to economic policy. This is wrong. This is morally corrupt. This is inhumane. This is not a democracy. But most of all it hurts us….THE PEOPLE. And its time to put a stop to it.  I recently became a member of Rootstrikers, a nonprofit, grassroots organization that strives to reduce the influence of dirty money in politics by acting with consequence at every turn.  Rootstrikers supports the efforts of Represent.Us, an unprecedented movement of conservatives and progressives to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act which would sever the tie between politicians and special interest lobbyists, without requiring an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. You may be asking how could this possibly be done. If special interests have almost total control of the Congress than why would they even bring a bill such as this to the floor? THEY WON’T.

“That’s why we need a million Citizen Co-Sponsors – ordinary Americans  united behind the Anti-Corruption Act before we ask Congress to pass it. We need to show them we’ve got the political power to hold them accountable if they don’t support this sweeping reform. That’s where you come in. Add your name and be a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Anti-Corruption Act here at” (

So to all my 30 or so odd facebook friends and all the people who follow my blog and read this post please be a citizen co-sponsor of this bill and then share it with all your friends. Its important to your future. Its important to the future of your children and the future of our democracy.  Participating in the political process involves more than just voting.  In the end, if our democracy is to flourish, the citizens must use every avenue available to force change when our politicians refuse.  And contrary to popular belief, there are avenues available to force change. Continue reading

What Has A College Education Meant To Me?

Just One More Semester Till I Get That Damn Piece Of

I just got done listening to the podcast of Freakonomics Goes to College on WNYC.  In the second part of the show, Steven Levitt, American economist, William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at The University of Chicago, and co-founder of the Freakonomics blog, makes a profound statement with which I think every current and former college student could easily identify. Continue reading

We Students Need A Unified And Thoughtful Voice In Our Educational Lives

Allow My Friend Calvin To Explain My Reasoning

I know that, in America, teachers are demonized mostly for the wrong reasons and mostly by politicians on the left and right of the political spectrum who have fallen hopelessly in love with the “Standardized testing/Accountability” fad that has completely run our educational system into the ground……….

But folks, there are some terrible teachers out there who don’t fall into this category.  They are called college professors, and some of them just really don’t have a clue what they’re doing and the worst part is their failure to realize that they don’t have a clue what they’re doing.  

Continue reading