Congressman Scott Garrett Balks At The Opportunity To Go On the Record About Corruption

This is my first post for the Rootstrikers campus team blog.  Rootstrikers is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that strives to reduce the influence of dirty money in politics.  Led by the efforts of the campus teams, Rootstrikers is currently working in conjunction with the huffington post to get politicians “On the Record” about the corrupting influence of money big money in politics.  Here I discuss Congressman Scott Garrett’s (NJ-5) response to my attempts to get him “On the Record”.  FYI, Congressman Garrett, I will not cease my efforts. Continue reading


Blogging is Not a Fast Food Drive-Thru

So stop treating it like one!

Why does wordpress allow people to like posts from their reader?  If it’s possible to change this, please someone feel free to let me know  It just encourages people to blaze through their reader hitting the like button for posts whose titles they thought were interesting without actually taking the time to thoughtfully read and perhaps, oh I don’t know comment, and start a thought provoking discussion on mutual topics of interest.

Honestly, I do not enjoy seeing my posts being liked, but not seeing a corresponding a page view in my Stats.  And this is not about my ego.  It has nothing to do with clamoring for more page views.  When I read other blogs, and when I write my blog I am searching for discussion and conversation.  Not only that, I am searching for new ideas and viewpoints to consider adding or altering to my own.  Or maybe I am just searching for an enjoying piece of writing.  Any which way, I am not just scrolling through titles looking for ones to like and can not think of a reason why anyone would.  A like made in passing is akin to giving half your attention to someone whose trying to speak to you.  Its inconsiderate, and it doesn’t make any sense.  Do not bother to like the post if you are not going to take the time to read it.

Sorry for the venting.  I just had to vent.  I welcome all opinions, including opposing ones.  🙂