Russian and American imperial collaboration to bleed Syria and deny the people’s right to self-determination

Mondoweiss in Distress

As Russian warplanes continue to pound rebel-held Eastern Aleppo and pro-government forces including Iraqi Shia sectarian militias begin their ground assault on the sixth day of the Syrian government’s offensive to retake all of the northern Syrian city, neither a political solution nor a military solution seems likely to materialize in the short-term unless either Russia or the United States alters its current approach to the conflict.  Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moaellem, speaking to the pro-regime Mayadeen TV, declared today that the government was still open to participating in a unity government that included sections of the opposition.  The opposition has repeatedly dismissed this offer in the past and particularly at this moment when the Assad government backed by Russian air power and Iranian ground forces is pursuing a strategy of “Offer Surrender, Kill Whoever Stays”   and escalating its tactics by raining ground-penetrating bombs known as bunker-busters on the residents of…

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