My Most Amazing Dream

I usually write about topics pertaining to education, philosophy, religion, and politics but last night I had the most amazing dream, and would like to share it with you.

I was lying in my bed listening to a radio podcast on my mp3 player.  Slowly but surely, I started to drift into that wonderful realm between sleep and wakefulness.  Despite entering this realm, I decided to try to stay awake long enough to finish the ten minutes that remained on the podcast. But despite my best efforts at trying to stay awake and with the commentators opinion on the state of the U.S. economy still droning on in my ears, sleep overtook me.

Despite slipping from consciousness into the subconsciousness, I was still able to hear the words of Professor Richard D. Wolff loudly and clearly.  Quite unexpectedly, my brain did not interpret his words as some sort of garbled, unintelligible, and cacophonous noise.  Now when I mention here that I didn’t expect to make out what Professor Wolff was saying, I am referring to my state of thinking during the dream.  Indeed,  I came to the realization that I was dreaming during the dream which rarely ever happens at least in my experience.  But how could I have possibly come to this startling conclusion?  Indeed, the evidence would suggest otherwise given the fact that I could still make out what Professor Wolff was saying.  The answer to this question is what makes this dream so amazing, at least in my opinion.

I decided that I was way too tired to listen to the last few minutes of Economic Update with Professor Richard D. Wolff on the Progressive Radio Network.  So I began to pull out my ear buds and something absolutely terrifying happened.  The ones I pulled out were instantly replaced by a whole new set.  I proceeded to pull this new set out and the same thing happened.  I continued this process over and over again, all the while Wolff’s tortuous commentary reigning in my ears.  Eventually, the ear buds became permanently attached to my ears.   I began to frantically pull at the ear buds, now permanently part of my body.  I took the mp3 player and managed to break it in half with my bare hands, but still Wolff’s voice would not cease and let me sleep in peace.  At this point I realized that, despite looking around and seeing my bedroom, despite Professor Wolff’s voice continuing to remain clear and intelligible, that I was indeed dreaming.  Upon this realization, I was delivered from my agony to a state of full consciousness.  I knew that it had been a seamless transition from sleep to wakefulness since Professor Wolff’s voice did not catch, did not sputter, did not change tone or train of thought.

So what is my conclusion here?  Well I am not an oneirologist, (a scientist who studies dreams) so I am afraid my commentary will not enlighten you from that perspective.  But from my vantage point, it would seem that my brain was stuck in a sort of limbo if you will, continuing to interpret an auditory input from the material realm while simultaneously blocking any other sort of external stimuli, the latter being what happens during a dream.  Indeed, my brain seemed to incorporate the external auditory stimuli into my dream and make it the subject of my torment.  Of course I could be completely wrong.  Of course I could have completely misinterpreted and misremembered what actually happened during the dream.  Maybe there was no seamless transition of Professor Wolff’s voice from consciousness to subconsciousness and back to consciousness.  Perhaps my brain took my underlying desire to take the ear buds out and go to sleep, and translated that into a minor nightmare in which peace and quiet were rendered an impossibility.  Personally, I find that explanation more likely, and indeed it would jive with the normal definition of a dream as stemming from memory and sensory experience.  But I suppose it’s just more fun to think of my brain being stuck somewhere between consciousness and subconsciousness.  All right, that’s the end of my silliness.


I write to dialogue. So please, let's engage each other in some dialogue.

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