Blatant Conservative Ignorance: It Never Ends

Hey Romney Supporters, I got a bone to pick with all of you

Mr. Romney has been traveling around the country telling supporters that President Obama gutted welfare reform by taking the work requirement out of welfare., fact checkers for the Washington Post, as well as all demonstrate that Romney’s claims are false.

And yet………

I just got finished listening to a program on NPR in which they were interviewing supporters of Mr. Romney who all believe their candidate over fact checkers……people whose job it is to debunk his bogus political talk.

One man claimed that these fact checking organizations are holding underlying bias even though they claim to be partisan… sir, Mitt Romney is the partisan one.  You are the partisan one.  He is playing to your partisanship with this false claim about President Obama.  That is what politicians do in a campaign.  Get your head out of your a**

One woman claimed that no one is trustworthy anymore, but then claimed that she implicitly trusts the Romney-Ryan campaign.  Wow!  How mind-boggling can you be??

Seriously, what is the problem with some of the American electorate.  Do they know what logic is?  Do they know how to use it?

Can they evolve beyond their ignorant, divisive, partisan ways and exercise their minds long enough to just take a step back, and reflectively think before they well……. THINK!!!


I write to dialogue. So please, let's engage each other in some dialogue.

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