Struggling Middle Class vs. Hypersonic Missiles….Which will America choose?

X-51A WaveRider

Hypersonic Jet

Our country is in its worst economic depression since the 1930’s.  Unemployment is high.  Among OECD countries, America has the highest inequality gap between rich and poor.  Poverty has skyrocketed over the past 30 years.  And all we hear from the government is “We have to cut spending” “Americans have to tighten their belts” “We have to get our fiscal house in order”.  Meanwhile the Pentagon along with NASA, two federal government agencies, just continue on their merry spending ways building and test-flying the next hypersonic jet!!!!???? 

Clearly our federal government has its priorities straight.  According to the BBC article, “The project is part of plans to develop faster missiles.”  Oh, Can I get a massive sigh from the American people?  Perhaps a little more than a sigh?  I think my brain underwent a massive shortcircuit from just reading the headline of this article.  All kidding aside, why in the world, at a time when all our government seems to preach is the two magic happy words, fiscal restraint, is it spending money on testing hypersonic jets for the purposes of building hypersonic missiles.  More killing in the world…more destruction….yes that is exactly what the human race needs right now.  Please….. take our tax dollars and spend it on a massive helping of Mach 6….U.S.A.   U.S.A.!!!!  I’m sorry….I just feel so patriotic right now….it’s quite overwhelming..

The WaveRider test flight is expected to last for about five minutes. At the end of it, the aircraft will break into pieces and fall into the Pacific.  The test is essentially a repeat of last summer’s attempt, when the hypersonic aircraft reached Mach 5, but the engine failed to attain full power.

Just adds to the mounting pile of evidence that America is ruled by a bunch of incompetents who clearly don’t know the meaning of opportunity cost.


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