Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan for VP: The Panderer’s Perfect Choice

Romney and Ryan Basking in the Glory………For Now

Since he became the GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney has done nothing but pander to the radical right-wing Republican base.  The man has no ideology.  The man has no original ideas for fixing the economy or entitlement reform or foreign policy.  As a result, every time you listen to him speak, it’s just GOP talking point after GOP talking point after GOP talking point spewing out of his mouth.  If he talks about his term as governor, it’s political suicide.  If he says anything original, it’s political suicide.  If his campaign advisers utter a sentence about Romneycare (Thank You Very Much Andreas Saul), the right-wing crazies, namely Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, are on Fox News the next day requesting her head be stuck on a pike and left to the vultures (I assume Ann Coulter would be one of the vultures, since she already looks like one)  He is the puppet, and the right-wing Republican party is his ventriloquist.  His entire campaign message has been co opted by his rich donors and the radicals in the Republican party, and picking Paul Ryan, the perfect radical, as his VP running mate is the culmination in this takeover.  Mitt Romney has now fully ceded his campaign to a bunch of crazy idealogues, and if there was just a sliver of doubt left in your mind about a possible Obama landslide victory….that sliver is gone now.

See what Romney fails to understand is that this country is not populated by a bunch of radical conservative idealogues.  The independent voters of this nation, who were still on the fence before this VP pick, are not a bunch of radical conservative idealogues.  And, in the end, it is going to be the American people who choose their next POTUS, not his rich conservative donors.  No matter how much money they continue to waste funding his campaign, the American people will not be fooled into voting for this spineless twit.  For god’s sake, it’s not like his donors can vote 10,000 times over and over again.  That would be voter fraud, which I know Republicans can not stand.

I have one simple question for Mittingtons Romneybus.  What, in the world, were you thinking you stupid spineless twit……when you thought you could run your campaign in this manner and still win the presidency???


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