A Shout Out to Standardized Testing

If I was going to construct a list of all the individuals and groups who advocate against standardized testing, The Princeton Review would not have even entered my mind.  And yet……

The GRE has just been rather siginificantly revised.  The new test supposedly allows graduate schools to get a better sense of an applicant’s ability to work in a post-graduate setting–a goal that is unrealistic indeed, considering that the people who take the GRE are applying to programs as diverse as physics and anthropology.

However, it’s safe to say that neither GRE–new or old–is a realistic measure of how well you’ll do in grad school, or even how intelligent you are.  In fact, the GRE provides a valid assessment of only one thing:  The GRE assesses how well you take the GRE.

Wow! And I mean Wow!  These are not the words I expected to read before cracking open this nearly 500 page monstrosity.  Thank you very much to The Princeton Review for further cementing my belief that the months spent poring over your test preparation booklet will be a complete waste of energy and time.  Thank you to the graduate schools who require me and my fellow undergraduates across the country to waste our time and energy studying for this test….and, in the process, fund the money making machines that are the Princeton Review and the (ETS) Educational Testing Service.  And last but not least, I must direct a final thank you at the abhorrent mess that is the American educational system, which continues to show that the education of our nation’s young people is NOT its top priority.

But before I go….A final message from The Princeton Review,

Who Knows?  Maybe after working through this book and learning how to crack this test, you’ll actually look foward to taking the GRE

Gosh, I hope they are being sarcastic 😛


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