Start Your Own Online Food Drive Today: It’s the Easiest Way to Donate

Hey Everyone Who Reads this Post

I recently started volunteering at the Center For Food Action

The Center For Food Action has recently introduced a new online food drive option through that makes it much more efficient for all charities and organizations such as food pantries, homeless shel

ters and animal shelters to promote and manage drives.

Here’s How it works

Center For Food Action: Hunger and Homelessness

Meet the YouGiveGoods Drive Starter

The YouGiveGoods Drive Starter is the person or organization who makes our site work. In minutes, anyone can start a Drive on the site and begin using the YouGiveGoods system to motivate their own network of potential contributors to do amazing good for others. By using the YouGiveGoods system, the Drive Starter commands several powerful tools to create drives and promote them to others. Drive Starters can easily select the charitable organizations they want to help, and our site features a pre-selected list of goods that, as determined through our research, food pantries, homeless shelters and animal shelters most need. Once the drive begins, Drive Starters can spread the word about their Drive by using YouGiveGoods’ powerful social networking tools and email blast system. YouGiveGoods Drive Starters are the key to the success of our site—we hope that, once you or your organization sees how easy our site is to use, you’ll want to start a YouGiveGoods drive yourself!

By participating in a YouGiveGoods drive, you can have a dramatic effect on improving the quality of life of those who need help. Every time you purchase goods through YouGiveGoods, you’ll know that the items will be shipped directly to the organization that you have decided to help—the food pantry, homeless shelter or animal shelter. These goods will have an immediate impact on those in need. Everything you buy through YouGiveGoods is sent directly to the organization supported by the drive. It’s as if you drove to the store, purchased the goods, and dropped them off yourself. And you can it do all without ever having to leave your computer!

Hey if you live in or near Englewood, NJ start a drive in support of the Center For Food Action Site in Englewood.


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