Is there anything wrong with idealism?

These are some questions I’ve been pondering lately

When can idealism become dangerous?

My answer would be if the idealism loses touch with the aspirations and needs of the people and becomes an ideological end in and of itself.

Is there anything wrong with thinking idealistically, with not only hoping but actively pursuing it?

This is a quote from the afterword of Voice of the Night, a novel by Dean Koontz.

“None of us can ever save himself, we are the instrument of one another’s salvation, and only by the hope that we give to others do we lift ourselves out of the darkness into light.”

Do you think this quote is true?

Are you a realist or an idealist, or maybe a combination of both?

Please Comment!  Would love feedback. 


One thought on “Is there anything wrong with idealism?

  1. I don’t agree with the quote. I think we each find our own hope in our existence from within ourselves. Does doing good for mankind and reaching out to help someone else give us a boost in our own hope, sure, but it is not the reason for it. This goes back to the Thomas Paine’s quote, “there is no true altruism.” If we are doing something for another to find hope in ourselves, it is a selfish act that just happens to help another person. If we derive pleasure from it, it is our pleasure alone and born in us completely. There seems to lurk in most modern minds the notion that to find our own pleasure and enjoyment is somehow not possible without another delivering it or experiencing it with us. I fully disagree. I believe it is possible to find more enjoyment with another person involved, but that is not a rule, it is a side effect. If I were dependent upon every act of kindness or self-denial that I deliver to others to give me hope in this life, I would be left wanting because I could never do enough to find the hope that I already own.

    Great post and great question. Thank you for helping me think a little deeper. I usually ponder my thoughts before responding but this one hit me fast and hard and I wanted to speak about it immediately.

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