I Dream of Reality: Poem III

A basketball court

With gargantuan dimensions

Enough to accommodate many children

A young woman, dark skinned, arms crossed in front of her chest

Even from afar, I feel intimidated, belittled, unimportant

She’s picking children to go play in the game

On the other side of the court

With a casual wave of the hand and pointing of a finger

She decides who enters the game and who remains

On this side of the court

I am next in line

Staring into her intense gaze

My eyes focused upon her mouth

Chewing that gum with purpose and force

I feel her judgment reigning down upon me

For now I remain on this side of the court

Terrified at the prospect of crossing over

Yet I know I will not be chosen

I sit-cross-legged on the red concrete

And gaze into the sky

Sunlight consuming me from all angles

Squinting my eyes, I try to watch the game

On the other side of the court

I see the basket, the net, the rim, the backboard

Suddenly the ball comes into focus

Like my eyes have natural zoom in ability

It bounces once rim to backboard

Then twice more on the rim before

My vision returns to normal and

Whether it swished  I can not ascertain

How far is it?

It is the horizon

From my vantage point

An attractive yet unattainable goal

From a basketball court to a school auditorium

Hundreds upon hundreds of students

Some from college, most from high school

Chaos reigns supreme

Projectiles flying through the air

Expletives flying from mouths

A wholly unruly and disorganized atmosphere

Teachers and administrators

Scrambling up and down the aisles

Trying to elicit some sense of order

But failing in their humanity

Just as much as the students are failing in theres

There is someone at the front

But  he is shrouded in darkness

Crouched in my seat

Aghast at the spectacle before me

I sense he is the leader of the teachers

But there is something wrong about him

He wields authority but has none

He reaps benefits but deserves none

He is a leader but does not lead

Suddenly I know what I must do

I must be authoritative, I must lead

But not how he has

Through control, fear, intimidation, manipulation

But by inspiration, compassion, concern, empathy, mutual respect

Now I stand and address one of the teachers

He stands before a huge window

Sunlight streams into the room

I say “We want respect, I say we want democracy

I say “We want a Voice”

Then it ends

His response remains out there

Yet to be decided


I write to dialogue. So please, let's engage each other in some dialogue.

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