You call this a quality education??

Where’s the accountability was the question that entered my mind as I eagerly awaited for cell biology to end and summer vacation to begin.  Despite our final test grades having been given back and our fates being sealed, he still feels the need to drone on and on about something or other in his usual patronizing tone…..I don’t know…..DNA, RNA, the wonders of cell biology.  I think its three times already he said, “Oh one last thing before you go.”  Now he’s talking about how we should all appreciate his class more, and how we are smarter for having taken it.  It take every ounce of self-control not to burst out in a rage and leave him with a nice verbal parting gift.  I regret not having done so.  He’s a little man with a big ego.  He needs to feel like the savior, our saving grace, the man of the hour..minute…second…millisecond…nanosecond.  He belittles you when you try to answer a question.  Even if you answer it correctly, he still won’t acknowledge it but instead will try to reword your answer.  He constantly needs to reassure himself of his rightness, his superiority.  He’s twenty minutes late to class everyday and gets ticked off when you’re two minutes late.  He disappears during class and comes back with a multitude of excuses.  He wants your cell phone number at the beginning of the semester, so he can call you when you don’t come to class.

“I’m really gonna get in their faces,” he says for the people who came to class….another of his ego-boosting tactics.  “A bio degree is a dime in a dozen.  You guys are paying thousands of dollars in tuition and I would think you guys would wanna get the most out of it.  I made an s-load of money as a consultant, so I know what it means to be successful.”  I’m sorry.  Is this supposed to be a factory?  Is this merely a marketplace and I am your mindless product?  I thought college was supposed to a unique learning environment.  He tells us he used to do some major scientific research.  I’m confused.  Did Felician College hire an egotistical scientist to be not only the A&P, cell biology, and bio seminar professor but also the chair of the department of natural sciences?  Exactly what qualifications did he have to be an educator when you hired him….cause I am at a loss to pinpoint even one?  And there is yet another problem with America’s educational system….hiring people who have not been educated to be educators…… to educate!!…..A+ for the college hiring process.  And just to clarify that I am not a chronic complainer, this is the opinion of most students who have ever taken a class with this man.  Let’s be honest.  Most college students are chronic complainers when it comes to their professors.  Some don’t deserve it but most certainly do.

What’s especially outrageous about all this, is that my college requires teachers to give out a standardized class evaluation to its students at the end of every semester.  But we never hear how the college uses these evaluations to assess teachers or make changes in certain classes.  Also, the evaluation is scantron multiples choice with yes or no answers, and its the same for every class whether it English, or Criminal Justice or cell biology.  How does that make any sense?  How in the world can the higher ups can any sense of how a classroom is functioning and whether the students are learning, from a scantron?  I have an idea.  Come down from your lofty perch unannounced and observe the classroom, listen to our complaints, and most of all….RESPECT US!!!  We are not stupid.  We know that evaluation is a mere sham and an exercise in futility.  If all you care about is the grades your professors submit at the end of each semester than you have no right to call yourself an educational institution.  Grades don’t give the whole picture…they don’t even give half the picture.  I sincerely regret not speaking up this semester about these injustices, but next fall I certainly will.  Get real!!!!


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