If I’m not learning, you’re not teaching

It’s guitar class.

Two and a half hours on a Tuesday night

Out of that two hours

We play for fifteen minutes.

Why did I bring my guitar?

People learn at different paces.

He doesn’t respect that

Our final assignment is to write a song

Dude I can barely play

And you want me to write a song?

I played clarinet for  eight years

And we never had to write a song

Just teach us how to play

And let us learn

He gives us sheet music to practice

And then we never go over it?

How are we supposed to progress?

My friend sitting next to me

Already plays

He says I’m lucky to have him

to help me out

How demeaning?

Your the teacher, so you help me out

He lectures too much on theory

Even though we never apply that theory

I just wanna play

We never play

I played clarinet back in middle school

I know when a music teacher is teaching effectively

And when he’s not

He likes to show off a lot

In terms of class time

He spends more time playing than we do

There’s only six people

I think he can afford individual attention

That’s how I remember middle school

He skips around and everything we learn

Seems like a big jumble

Not connected in any way

I am not unenthusiastic

I love guitar

It’s a beautiful instrument

We just want to learn

So teach us


2 thoughts on “If I’m not learning, you’re not teaching

  1. There’s very unfortunate. Hopefully you mentioned it in the course evaluation. Or maybe you should write to the music director about it.

    • Hey Lindsey, thanks for reading my blog. I’ll definitely mention it in the course evaluation. I don’t know about the music director though. Cause i don’t know if anyone else feels the same way

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