I don’t understand





Judging a book by its cover

To think you can take one look at a person

And decide you don’t like them

To think you can be friendly to someone

And then to somehow decide they’re not worthy

To think that just because someone may talk differently than you

that they must think they are better than you

Even if they told you this was not the case

To make assumptions and determinations

Without explanations

To never look long and hard at yourself and consider what you are doing

To hold a certain negative view of someone

And pretend there is not a problem

that could be worked out

that should be worked out

But first you must acknowledge it and

realize that you may have said something wrong


they’re not the only one at fault

If they could admit it

then you should be able to also

as little as you may know them

and as little as they may know you

It still matters

To sacrifice friendship over a petty argument

Is bad for everyone involved

cause that’s the nature of the human being

the ability to swallow pride

And show humility

And consequently do right by others

And ultimately yourself

is the one of the greatest gifts

He has given us

Cause ultimately it makes you feel better

It makes the other person feel better

It cements a bond

that otherwise would have remained broken

for no good reason

I don’t understand

How or why anyone would think otherwise


I write to dialogue. So please, let's engage each other in some dialogue.

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