Separation of Church and State….What does it mean to us?

Express freedom of religion is enshrined in the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  In order to safeguard this freedom they also decreed the absolute separation of church and state.  Consequently, our government is not supposed to regulate or endorse religion.  Now I have absolutely no qualms about government refusing to regulate the religion of its citizens.  History has not favored the nations, societies, and kingdoms that have imposed a state religion on their citizens.  But in recognizing that our government and the way we do politics and the way our society reports the news, in a certain respect, has lost its moral compass and sense of responsibility why can’t Catholic social teaching be a more prevailing influence in our society?  Indeed the as the Second Vatican Council exclaimed, “social, political, and economic problems are the special concern of the laity.”  But it seems as if we would have a better sense of direction and morality in dealing with these problems if we as the laity took, more seriously religious teachings and values in the course of our everyday lives without, of course, America becoming a religiously intolerant society.


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2 thoughts on “Separation of Church and State….What does it mean to us?

  1. One of the problems is that each religion believes it is unique and special and above all the rest but a reasonable analysis shows that nearly every religion has a core morality composed of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule came well before Jesus endorsed it, if that’s what you mean by Catholic values. These values which you claim (if that is what you are claiming) to be specific to Catholicism are not. So perhaps a way of progressing past this problem is not to refer to such values as belonging to one people or group or denomination. Instead, refer to them as “human values.” Just a suggestion.

    • i completely agree. that’s all I get from reading about Catholic social teaching is what is good for the human being and why shouldn’t that be in all our interests. but people get too caught up in their dislike of whatever religion it is.

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